Thursday, October 4, 2012


super late post, but i just feel like sharing :D
nothing much to do with clothes also....hahahas~
so i got the opportunity to join this year Singapore day 2012 in new york!
in April, yes that explain how late this post is :X
went together with the food team~

is was such an awesome experience!
 i salute all the hawker aunty and uncle....
their hard work and passion for good food is truly inspiring.
they never settle with anything less than the best!

there were like 10stalls (10 types of food if i rbm correctly), 
and most were given 1 standard watery type of chill.
and guess wad? they manage to cook out different flavour of chill for each.
& they were not suppose to bring any food over from Singapore,
so almost all the ingredient is provided, they need to use different ingredient
yet cook out the same taste they do in Singapore!

 ok, let the pic do the talking

coach at woodbury....

woodbury premium outlet! MUST VISIT! this place empty my wallet.....

the super cool 3 level of M&M, ohohoh and  also the tiffany&co in fifth ave have 6 levels!!!
tumblr picture in my face xD so excitied when i see this! M&M SG, Y U NO HAVE?
super big pizza!

lombardi pizza, newyork 1st pizza company!! worth the try :)

the train station....

guess what is this? chewing gun!!!!

MUST TRY MUST TRY MUST TRY!! still dreaming of it! omgz

rainbow legging american apparel

time square!

hard boiled egg for the sg day event!

the crowd at sgday2012, LOTS MORE!

OK, sign off with my fav phrase: KTHXBYE :P

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

BTS for C71

ok, so here is some of the behide the scene for collection  71!
all the maybelline goodies bag have been given out :)
thank you thank you !
anyway, those who have not receive their parcel,
do give singpost some extra time to delay the parcel ok :D
All the maybelline new product range! the mascara really is WOW!

never lie when we say the mascara is awesome! look at the lower lash! mad chio~

ok, this is the collection 71 banner! so pretty the model! major love

HAHAHAHAS at the mega floral headband! so pretty so must play with it!
look like emily is applying the mascara herself! heehee ^^

ok, dont know what i am typing also! :)

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Collection 67: Calling mr moustache


do take note the tiger print/polka dot print/ america print moustache
colour base is not PURE WHITE as shown in the picture!
colour is more toward beige cream base.
below pic is the true to colour pic we can get, without flash.

today shoot ended quite late, coz we were all fooling around.
super LOL to the choice of song miss emily like!

she laugh so hard...reason being we were playing kpop song.
& she say kpop not her era one, she need some gentle/soft song.
so she intro us this song.. (the song is good, just tat emily insisting on explaining the song LOL us)
this is just emily and her usual joke. HAHAHAHAS XD

ok, this collection fav below :)
rainbow knitted cardigan! FAV FAV!
heart shape ripped back! <3

leather bralet and galaxy bandage skirt!

side studded short! high waisted :)
studded collar sleeveless top, come in both black and white.
come in both S and M. but S is quite small (quite tight on emily, she is wearing S)...
so advise to take M.

setting aside the launch,
we are going to intro u all citrus studio.
for the past few collection, we have been using citrus studio.
the owner is super friendly. so go book and try it out :)

see their cosy studio.
contact if ya all is keen :)

Thursday, June 21, 2012


here is something to inspire/motivate you a little.
to love life :)
cry so badly after watching it....
hope this video does inspire you the way it did to me :)
quite a long video, abt 1h. but is really encouraging <3<3<3<3
bravo to this project (Y)

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Collection 62 video.

from the collection 62 photoshoot!

help help support concept35mm